Four Tips for Using Emojis on Your Website

emojis marketingThroughout your audiences’ daily lives emojis are always being used, with the majority of usage being through text messaging and on social media. And with their popularity, most people have certain emojis they use more commonly than others to convey certain emotions, ideas, and concepts.

Due to their rising popularity, brands have begun implementing different emoji strategies on their platforms to try and promote their businesses.

Read more to learn about four tips for using emojis on your website to increase your brand’s online presence.

Try Mixing Emojis into Your Web Strategy

It’s important to recognize emojis offer your business opportunities to improve its marketing strategy by conveying different emotions and reactions. But before you start putting them on your site, it’s essential to know what each emoji signifies and identify which ones should be used to connect with your audience, no matter their age.

Once you have a good understanding of each emoji, the next step is to include them in your marketing strategy. You can include emojis in areas such as:

  • Chatbots
  • Meta tags
  • Headers
  • Banners
  • Pop-ups
  • And many more ways

Once you find the most effective ways to market your brand while using emojis and execute a campaign around it, it can be an essential part of growing your business.

Use Emojis to Convey What Words Can’t

Many people say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and marketers are now realizing emojis have a similar power. Emojis have the power to convey what words necessarily can’t, but it’s also important to not force the use of any emojis.

Instead, find emojis that are used by your target audience and incorporate those emojis on your site in a clear way. Remember, not every emoji is going to work for your brand so it’s important to find the ones that work best and implement those.

Utilize Emojis to Attention-Grab

When users are visiting your site, they most likely won’t be reading every word. So, to make your page more fun and stand out from others, try adding emojis. For example, you can substitute bullet points on your site for emojis or if charts are included, use emojis.

It’s important to keep in mind to not add too many emojis on your site because it could be perceived as informal. Instead, pick a couple of emojis that resonate the best with your business and implement those on your site.

Allow Emojis to Humanize Your Brand

Emojis used on your site can add an extra level of personality to your brand because they are exciting, different, and can visually enhance a page. They add extra context to your content and have the ability to relate to your audience on a deeper level.

The same is true for businesses, as companies have certain emojis that strongly relate to their brands, and it’s best to continue utilizing those throughout their websites where appropriate.

For example, Dominos executed a marketing campaign where customers could order their favorite pizza just by tweeting the pizza emoji! All you had to do was create an account on their website, enter your favorite order, and connect to your Twitter account. It was an easy and unique way to bring in sales using emojis.

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