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“Sixth City Marketing has provided consulting, SEO and many other services to National Church Residences. The team has excellent advice and is very easy to work with.” – Karen Twinem, National Church Residences

How We Measure Results

Here at Sixth City, we pride ourselves on showing results. Our Columbus SEO agency offers numerous strategies that can measure how your website is working.

We measure results in an SEO campaign by monitoring increases in:

  1. Leads through your website (form submissions, phone calls, etc.)
  2. Search engine traffic to your website
  3. Changes in keyword positions
  4. Sales from organic leads

Why Invest in Columbus SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a collection of marketing techniques used to attract customers to a business through the company’s online presence.

Unlike traditional marketing methods like billboards, flyers, and TV and radio ads, our Columbus, Ohio SEO services are quantifiable. Because of this, you can tell exactly how many people are being drawn to your site and how many ultimately reach out and contact you for business.

Sixth City Marketing can help put your company in front of the people searching for your services, whether you’re the answer to their quest for a “Woody Hayes bobblehead” or the “closest place to find antacid medication” after Dime-a-Dog Night at Huntington Park.

For some evidence of our methods, consider this – you found us, didn’t you?

Types of SEO We Can Provide

In our approach to SEO for your company’s unique needs and goals, some strategies you can expect for a campaign include:

  • Competitor research
  • Keyword analysis
  • Content optimization
  • Blog writing
  • Link building

Tips for Attracting New Customers Online

If looking for captivating Columbus SEO services that will help your business stand out, we’ve got you covered! Improving a business’s online presence has the ability to attract new customers to your business site and generate new leads.

Some things to keep in mind to help stand out from the rest, implement:

  • Utilize Social Media – Implementing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to your business will only lead to good things. Each platform has been successful over the years with recurring users and potential new customers for your business.
  • Engage with Customers – Responding to comments and reviews online will help build trust with customers whether it was praise or criticism of your business, this shows you value your customer’s feedback.
  • Refine Website Content – To drive the best results for your business, refining website content might be the way to go! Making sure your website is easy to navigate through and visually appealing will help your company get noticed. It’s also beneficial to include unique content on your site that will make potential customers choose your business in Columbus over others.

We want to help put your business in the best possible position and thinking about strategies like these listed above will help attract new customers online.

Sixth City SEO Success Stories

M/I Homes

M/I Homes, a home building company based in Columbus, Ohio operating in 16 different cities, specializes in building custom-made homes for families. After M/I Homes redesigned their website, they wanted to drive results.

Our team created a marketing campaign to increase organic traffic to their website by implementing SEO strategies. We conducted this by focusing on finding high-volume keyword search terms and writing optimized content for multiple locations.

We then focused on revitalizing their local profiles on Google. Our team began profile management and reviewed and acted on any major issues we found through Google Search Console.

Through the strategies our team implemented and comparing data from our campaign in 2018 to data in 2017, we saw a 10,000 visitor increase through organic search to their website. We also calculated an overall website traffic increase of 48%, organic website traffic increased by 12%, and new users on the M/I Homes website increased by 58%.

Valco Valley Tool & Die

Valco Valley Tool & Die, a complete metal parts manufacturer located in North Royalton, Ohio wanted to increase quality online leads on their brand-new website.

We conducted research on different Valco products and concluded that customers when searching for Valco’s products use a variety of search terms. We ultimately drove more visits to Valco’s site than ever before by finding out the best way to serve the needs of Valco’s customers and optimize accordingly.

When looking at our results compared to past years, we saw a 114% increase in visits to Valco’s site per month and a 543% increase in online inquiries per month.

Be sure to check out our case studies pages to see more proof of our success stories over the years.

Our Columbus SEO Agency Location

Our SEO company is located in the heart of downtown Columbus. Our address is:

35 E Gay St #324
Columbus, OH 43215

We Do More Than Just Columbus SEO Marketing

As a Columbus digital marketing agency, we provide numerous marketing services for our clients. These services are each tailored with individualized care to ensure the best online strategies are utilized for each business.

For an in-depth look at these services, visit our pages for:

Why Do You Need Columbus SEO Services?

We want to help businesses in Ohio grow, and our proven strategies are able to provide that very growth. It takes a consistent and focused effort to keep your website relevant and easy to use in this age of rapidly evolving technology. You want to ensure your online footprint follows the latest best practices.

Check out some recent statistics that help make a strong case for SEO:

  • 3% of web traffic comes from organic search
  • Leads from SEO close at an average rate of 14.6%
  • 2% of worldwide web traffic comes from cell phones
  • 60% of marketers say that SEO, blog content, and similar aspects lead to higher-quality leads

(Sources: BrightEdge, HubSpot, and Statista)

Not to mention, some aspects to keep in mind for SEO in Columbus include:

  • The right behind-the-scenes code helps search engines understand your site
  • Implementation of the latest best practices can help your site rank higher for the right searches, and increase clicks from search listings to your site
  • Incorporating a user-friendly design, site structure, and promotional strategy can maximize your site’s usability
  • Presenting clean, grammatical page copy can ensure the customer trusts you and sees your business as an authority

All of the above are essential elements in each online marketing campaign we design for our clients. Let’s work together to build your business’s lasting digital presence.

photo of columbus, oh skyline on the river on a sunny day

We Are Columbus SEO Marketing Experts

We are an internet marketing firm proudly based in Ohio, specializing in website design, development, SEO and PPC.

We’ve helped both small and large firms practice profit-driven online marketing through tailored campaigns designed to meet each client’s individual goals. Browse our case studies to see concrete examples of our work.

“I’ve worked with Sixth City Marketing for multiple years now for my PPC and SEO needs. They have consistently delivered a high-quality product, are professional, and deeply care about their customers. They listen to my business needs and work with me to help my business grow. I’ve seen a massive improvement in quality of leads, website visitors, and click-through rate. My website has experienced immediate positive results from suggested website changes, with increased forms completed, increased phone calls, and increased pages per visit. Other PPC companies I’ve worked with just waste ad spend, while Sixth City Marketing makes use of every penny.” – Jennifer Hristovski, SprayWorks

You Have Questions, and We Have Answers

Learning more about search engine optimization agencies can be hard, especially if they use loads of industry jargon you are unfamiliar with or reference services you have never heard of. Hopefully, some of the following questions and answers can help: 

What is link building?

Link building is a major SEO tactic that involves developing creative ways to get your website more backlinks from different sites across the web. Having more backlinks to your domain helps signal to Google and other search engines that your site is high authority for the terms you are trying to rank for, boosting your rankings.

Do I need local SEO?

If you are a business in the Columbus area that is primarily focused on gaining customers just in the region, then you are a great candidate for local SEO. Local search engine optimization involves additional unique approaches to improving your online presence in your local area to help attract valuable customers.

What if my website needs technical help?

Since we are a digital marketing agency, we are fortunate enough to have an in-house staff of developers and designers who are familiar with addressing issues with your site that are holding you back from your SEO potential.

Can I do more than just SEO?

Of course! We would love to help your business succeed through our other services, including pay-per-click management (on Google Ads or social media), web design (specifically WordPress), email marketing, social media, and more.

Will having an older site affect SEO?

Not always! We have at times run into issues with older websites that have certain limitations, but since SEO has been around since the beginning of the internet, it’s applicable to most websites. However, if we do find that your site isn’t capable of working with specific parts of our strategy, we will always honestly communicate that.

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