Smart Mode vs. Expert Mode in Google Ads – What’s the Difference?

google ads expert vs smart modeDid you know that there are two different types of Google Ads accounts you can have? Between Smart Mode and Expert Mode, there are a variety of differences that can change how a user is able to control and interact with the platform.

Keep on reading to learn more about these two modes and what makes them differ from one another.

How to Tell Which Type of Mode Your Account Is In

According to Google’s Help Center, to identify whether your account is in Smart Mode or Expert Mode, you have you check your settings.

If the tool icon on the top panel of your Google Ads dashboard is labeled “Settings”, you’re in Smart Mode. And if the tool icon is labeled “Tools and settings” or “Tools”, you’re in Expert Mode.

The Main Differences Between Expert and Smart Mode

Smart Mode

As a more scaled back, simplified version of Google Ads, Smart Mode is perfect for anyone who is a novice at PPC and most new Google Ads users join under Smart Mode. It was made for those who do not have much experience in the Google Ads interface so that owners can easily set up and manage campaigns.

When a user in is Smart Mode, their campaigns are automatically created as Smart campaigns, which allow users to select business goals and where they want to advertise. Then, as time progresses, Google’s machine learning will try to deliver results based off the goals that were set.

Web store visits, phone calls, and specific actions on a web page are all examples of some of the results the machine learning will deliver.

Expert Mode

On the flipside, Expert Mode gives users full range of all Google Ads the features in the interface and access to all campaign types.

While in Expert Mode, users will have complete control, which in turn requires more skill and knowledge to manage campaigns. Google recommends that Expert Mode only be used by more advanced marketers and business owners.

How to Switch Modes in Google Ads

If your account is in Smart Mode, and you would like to graduate to all the Expert Mode has to offer, there is a quick switch available in your settings.

It is important to note that once you change your settings to Expert Mode, you cannot switch back to Smart Mode. However, you will still be able to edit your existing Smart campaigns while in Expert Mode.

  • Sign into your Google Ads account, and click the tools icon on the top navigation bar
  • Select Switch to Expert Mode

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