How to Remove Illegitimate Referrals in Google Analytics

remove referrals analyticsWhen utilizing Google Analytics tools, one of the most beneficial parts of the data is being able to see what source your traffic is coming from along with where your leads are coming from.

However, if you are accessing your website links through some of your internal third-party platforms (CRMs, form builders, etc.), you are likely seeing these sources show up as referral traffic in your account.

Thankfully though, there is an easy way to remove them in two easy steps.

Step 1: Log into Analytics and Navigate to the Admin Panel

Once at the admin screen, in the second column, click on “Tracking Info” and then on “Referral Exclusion List.”

admin panel

Step 2: Enter in URLs You Want Excluded

Now, you are able to add in whatever domains you do not want showing in your referral data in the acquisition area on your account.

exclusion list

And that is it! From this point forward, you will no longer see this data in your Google Analytics profile.

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