What to Know About Long-Tail Keywords

longtail keywordsWhen you are doing SEO for you site, you probably have a set of terms you have identified that you want to rank for. Most likely, the terms you have chosen are short, generic, basic descriptors of your offerings.

And while most of those types of terms usually have a high search volume, alongside a high competition rate, they can be hard to rank for. To further your ability to be found, targeting long-tail keywords, which are terms with low search volume, can be an excellent way to get more leads. (Plus they even might be more qualified!)

Let’s Look at Some Data

Did you know that 92.42% of terms that are searched on Google have a monthly search volume of 0-10?

ahrefs graph

And while long-term keywords really refers to terms with low search volume, there is still a bit of evidence that those keywords are more than 3 words:

ahrefs graph 2

Utilizing Google’s Suggested Searches

If you are wondering what is one of the best ways to find long-tail keywords, the answer is easier than you may think.

All you need to do is put yourself in your customers shoes, and head to Google, and type in something relevant to your business. Then, take a look at some the suggested searches to see what additional terms are added to popular searches:

autofill search

And while this is great for finding words to add to the end of a term, you can also type in a phrase, and move your cursor in different areas of the search query to get a variety of suggestions:

cursor search keyword research trick

So, Why Create Content for Them?

As your site becomes stronger from other SEO techniques like link building, and you continue to add quality content to your site, Google will reward you. And not to mention, like we said early, there is usually low competition for these terms, so if you target them, you can see great results.

And if you had the opportunity to be ranking higher for keywords your ideal customer might be using, then why not add them to your site?

Great Way to Utilize Long-Tail Keywords

While your main service or product pages would be the ideal place to sneak in some long-tail terms, there might be some that could require their own dedicated content.

One of the best places you can create content around long-tail terms in on your blog, and it even allows you to tackle them in various approaches.

Let’s look at something such as “project management software for schools” which according to Ahrefs keyword planner, has a search volume of 10. Here are a few different ways you could target that in a blog:

  • Does your schools need project management software?
  • How schools can become more efficient in 2022
  • Ways your school can increase efficiency in 2022
  • When is it time for schools to invest in management software?
  • What is project management software for schools?

The Takeaway

While there are many SEOs out there that might suggest low volume search terms are not worth going after, we beg to differ, and think the data speaks for itself.

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