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At our Cleveland digital marketing company, we are well versed in various areas of SEO. From local search to challenging technical aspects to search engine optimization for diverse industry niches, we’ve done it all!

And when you have a WordPress website, there are a wide array of tactics that can be implemented to enhance your SEO.

“We have been working with the Sixth City team for about 6 years now and they have really helped us build our online presence. We work monthly hand in hand to come up with new campaigns and strategies. They are always thinking of new ways to generate leads and they are there for anything we need. They are also in the process of building our new website and I am so excited about the launch. It looks great! I love working with Sixth City and look forward to it for many more years to come!” – Sarah Wentz, Valco Valley Tool/Die

4 Ways We Can Enhance Your WordPress Search Engine Optimization

1. Unique Content

In the online world we live in, dominating SEO in Cleveland is harder than ever. But, with the help of our skilled writers and strategists, we know how to formulate a winning content approach to have your most important pages and blog posts rank for the key terms you care about most.

2. Design for Conversion

While we can implement key tactics to improve your search engine optimization for WordPress, you can’t expect to get more business unless you have a website that allows customers to covert! We have the ability to provide custom WordPress design for conversion to help make your pages easier for customers to call and contact you, make purchases, and more.

3. Strategic Plugins

Since we are experienced WordPress SEO experts, we know exactly which plugins will benefit your website the most. This can include schema to help your local presence, metadata to optimize your search engine results, and many other options.

4. Data Tracking

One of the things that makes our search engine optimization agency in Cleveland different than the rest is our ability to implement custom tracking on your website to give you the most accurate data so you can see where your leads are coming from.

Quick FAQs for WordPress Search Engine Optimization

1. Is WordPress Free?

The site is a free and open sourced web software, but to use it you need to invest in a hosting plan. Some are as little as $1 but you will want to spend a little more to ensure that managing and setting up your website is easy.

2. Do I Have to Know How to Code to Use WordPress?

Not at all! Most users are not developers. WordPress offers a lot of plugins and themes to make your edits simpler.

3. What Benefits Do I Receive from Using WordPress?

Some of the reasons that we love WordPress include:

  • Easy to use
  • Can use any computer to manage your website
  • Total control of your site
  • 100% customizable design
  • Opportunity to add plugins
  • Search engines love WordPress

4. Can I Install Google Analytics on My WordPress Site

Yes. By using Google Analytics, you can check out your website traffic and monitor it daily. There is a plugin within WordPress called AnalyticsCat that is free to install.

Tips for Improving Your Cleveland WordPress Development

Some tips to consider in your web development efforts include:

  • Have a plan for your design
  • Include social share and follow buttons
  • Feature call to action buttons
  • Use engaging images
  • Utilize a clear navigation
  • Make it mobile friendly
  • Identify 404 and broken links
  • Ensure that content meets your target audience
  • Include both internal and external links on your landing pages

Why You Should Hire Skilled Cleveland WordPress Experts

Unlike other Cleveland digital marketing agencies, we have lived and breathed WordPress marketing for over 9 years. From development to design to updating WordPress websites daily, we know all the ins and outs of the platform.

Whether it’s issues with plugins, dealing with caching issues, updating to the latest version of WP, or just about any other hurdle, we already know the solution! So you can trust that your website is in good hands.

We understand that a well-designed website is the foundation for your online presence. With every website development project we take on, we strongly focus our strategic tactics on making a site that will increase leads. Not many other companies can say that’s their top priority!

Some of the aspects that set us apart from our competitors include:

  • Our location – We have offices in both Cleveland and Columbus, making it easier to meet your team in person.
  • Unique designs – Our team will work with you step by step to find a website design you will love. Nothing is cookie cutter with us!
  • Dedicated to getting you more business – Our website development skills are tailored toward increasing online responses by way of design for conversion.
  • We are versatile in our digital marketing efforts – Not only do we specialize in web development, but we can help you with many other services as well. These include SEO, PPC, video production, consulting and more!

Get to Know Sixth City Marketing

At our headquarters located in Westlake, our well-rounded team of East and Westsiders hold over 25+ years of collective experience in content marketing, design and development, and WordPress SEO strategy.

And not only are most of our team members Cleveland-area natives, but our name Sixth City Marketing even pays homage to our beloved town. As Clevelanders like yourself know, nothing is stronger than the love for Cleveland, despite how much we want to bang our heads against the wall watching the Browns.

“We called on Sixth City as well as a number of other company’s to make a proposal for a new look, and a better run WordPress website for the Lake County Health District. They were low pressure, more problem solving, and step up where we needed, but also let us do things that we needed. In the end our new look is a very functional well branded site, and they were professional, knowledgeable, and precise with their help in our website build. We went through all of our own content, and up our game as well. So we are pretty pleased with the result.” – Lake County Health District

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