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Is your business struggling to get more cases to take on? Are you looking to get more leads that are qualified for your specific legal practice?

Hi, we are Sixth City Marketing, and we are pay-per-click management experts who are ready to run tailored ad campaigns to help your business grow.

Different Ads Lawyers Should Be Running

On search engines (Google Ads and Bing Ads):

  • Text ads
  • Display ads
  • Video ads
  • Local Services ads

On social media (Facebook Ads, Instagram, and LinkedIn):

  • Single image
  • Carousel
  • Video
  • Stories

Stand Out with Local Services Ads

Local Services ads, or LSAs, are part of a recent feature from Google that allows you to run a new type of ad that displays in a local area. Your business is screened by Google to ensure your authenticity. Not to mention, LSAs are a great way to generate leads from users searching for your exact business services, as they display at the top of search.

“I recently consulted with Sixth City Marketing to learn more about internet marketing – especially search engine optimization, social media marketing and pay-per-click marketing. I found their experience and knowledge in these areas can turn my ideas into revenue and they explained the execution in ways I clearly understood.” – Eric Gulledge, Sherwin-Williams

Why Should You Invest in PPC Services for Your Law Firm

  • Top placement on search engines, above organic results
  • Unique targeting capabilities based on age, location, income, and more
  • Ability to see which search queries converted
  • Power to set and alter your own budget at any time
  • Option to run different types of ads to conduct A/B testing

Types of Lawyers We Help

  • Bankruptcy
  • Civil litigation
  • Contract
  • Corporate
  • Criminal
  • Disability
  • Elder care
  • Employment
  • Estate planning
  • Family
  • General
  • Immigration
  • Intellectual property
  • Medical malpractice
  • Personal injury
  • Tax
  • Workers compensation

With our years of experience, no matter what your specialty is, we can help.

What’s Included in Lawyer Pay-Per-Click Management

Here are just some of the things you can expect to be done as we work with your law firm for PPC marketing:

  • Strategic keyword planning
    The key to running paid advertisements online includes targeting specific search terms that you wish to show for. We spend time conducting research for your business to find the best set of terms to run that will produce results.
  • Custom ad copy writing
    Crafting ads that encourage users to click can be a tedious task. Thankfully, our writing team has years of experience composing ads for a wide range of industries and we know how to optimize language to sell your services.
  • Landing page design
    In search campaigns, while having captivating ad copy is important, the page you send your ads to is often overlooked even though it shouldn’t be. Our in-house designers will create a custom landing page that will bring in the conversions you want.
  • Lead and call tracking
    In order to show an ROI in our services, and help run successful campaigns, we enable lead and call tracking. This helps us track how well your campaign is performing at bringing you new cases.
  • Campaign maintenance
    From ensuring search queries that lead to clicks are qualified to checking budgeting and more, we conduct thorough overall maintenance on your campaign to ensure it’s running at its best.
  • Competitor research
    Just like we do for all of our digital marketing services, taking a deep look into what your competitors are doing is a great way for us to analyze and strategize the best ways to run your campaign.
  • Monthly reporting
    We will send your team a monthly summary detailing the number of form submissions and phone calls you received, along with other important metrics related to your campaign to keep a line of transparent communication with your firm at all times.

Get to Know Our PPC Agency

Sixth City Marketing, founded in 2010 by John Sammon, has grown year over year as a full-service digital marketing agency, with locations now found in Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh.

Our team has 25+ years of collective experience helping businesses of all kinds grow and succeed through our quality in-house services.

7 Things That Make Us Different

Finding an agency you can trust to manage your PPC campaigns can be tough, so here are a few things that we think help us stand out from the rest.

  1. Honesty – Like we mentioned earlier, you can trust in our team to provide transparent communication no matter if we are sending you our monthly report, talking strategy, or anything else.
  2. Experience – In the time we have been in the industry, we have had the pleasure of working with a variety of businesses in diverse fields, which has helped us conquer problems and hone effective solutions.
  3. Location – Although our offices are located in Ohio and Pennsylvania, we can help you no matter if you are a small business in Detroit or a large firm in NYC, all through virtual meetings, calls, and in-person visits.
  4. Range – Our team is comprised of experts in PPC, SEO, design, and so much more, which helps us deliver a better product to you and your team.
  5. Data – We know that ROI is something all business owners want to see so they can tell if they are getting their money’s worth. We can provide that data so you can better understand our value.
  6. Flexibility – If there’s ever a time when we need to pivot and change our approach, our strategists are ready to work with you to get back on track.
  7. Knowledge – The industry is always changing, growing, and adapting – something we know all too well. To ensure we never get lost in the fray, we stay on top of industry news and trends so we can apply any new tactics to our client work.
“John was someone who came highly recommended to me for digital marketing and SEO. To my surprise, he was easily accessible for a telephone appointment. Although I expected his knowledge of SEO to be far beyond mine (it is), he was also able to speak to me at a level I could understand. He seemed interested in being clear about how he could help me and didn’t overpromise. He seems to be a much more straightforward marketing asset than I am used to dealing with. Thank you, John!” – Brandon Shroy, Attorney at Law

But Wait, We Do More Than Just Pay Per Click

We are also proficient experts in other areas of digital marketing that can help your law firm thrive, including:

  • Search engine optimization
    SEO is a great way to help maximize your online presence and get organic leads.
  • Website design and development
    A brand-new website can be the best way to generate more response from potential clients.
  • Email marketing
    Monthly or weekly newsletters can be an easy way to help encourage potential customers to choose your firm.
  • Social media
    Keeping your brand active on social media is ideal, and these platforms are great outlets to share tips, give advice, and interact with customers.
  • Consulting
    Whether providing SEO, developing your site design, or helping you with your CRM, we can also supply consulting along with all of our other services.

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