Improve Your Pay-Per-Click Strategy with the Help of Our PPC Consulting Agency

With experience handling the paid marketing campaigns for a wide variety of clients, our pay-per-click consulting team at Sixth City Marketing can help your business reach new online heights through this effective method of marketing.

When it comes to an internet marketing campaign, every dollar must be spent wisely. The business landscape only gets more competitive by the day, and putting your money to good use on a strong pay-per-click program will get you the results you want.

Meet Our Expert Google Ads Consulting Team

With nearly a decade of experience in web development and interactive strategy, John Sammon has provided work that has helped dozens of clients outrank their strongest competitors for the most desirable industry keyword phrases.

And now, he has built a team of marketing experts who mirror his success, creativity, and work ethic to manage client projects of all shapes and sizes.

And as your dedicated pay-per-click consulting company, we will work with you to develop a targeted group of keywords to be used in well-placed ads that will drive the traffic you want to your site.

Our writers will also craft landing pages that not only target those desired keywords, but are designed with a clear call to action that will result in more leads and, ultimately, more business.

What Makes Us the Best Choice for PPC Consulting?

There are various things that make us different from other Google Ads consulting agencies, and here are a few that stand out:


Other PPC consulting companies you may come across might be reluctant to share actual metrics of success, but we’re happy to show you various campaigns we have worked on. Take a look at our case studies page to see for yourself.

Not to mention, every month we will send you important data such as form submissions, phone calls, spend, and more to help you analyze and understand how the campaign is performing.


Not only will you get a dedicated account manager to work with the entire time of your agreement, but you will also get to know our in-house PPC specialists so you can talk over strategy ideas, budgeting, data, and other campaign factors.


At Sixth City Marketing, we have significant experience handling the PPC campaigns for a wide variety of clients in many industries such as:


We have offices in both Cleveland and Columbus, which makes us centrally located for Ohio and the Midwest. But no matter where you are located, we would be happy to travel to meet with you to chat about our pay-per-click consulting services.

Contact Our Expert Google Ads Consulting Team Today

A strong PPC strategy is the difference between a stagnant internet marketing campaign and the ability to dramatically increase leads and revenue for your business. With our help, you will be implementing a PPC strategy that opens your business up to a world of new opportunities.

To learn more about what our PPC consulting agency can do for your business, be sure to contact Sixth City Marketing today.

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