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Looking for an SEO company that can help take your Buffalo-area business to new heights?

At Sixth City Marketing, we focus on improving revenue for businesses using the most impactful search engine optimization strategies given your goals, target audience, and targeted geographic area. Our approach is:

  • ROI focused
  • Customized with a strategy that centers around your company and industry
  • Adaptive and responsive to the data and feedback from your marketing and sales teams
  • Centered on highly responsive customer service with an educational focus on what we are currently doing for your company
  • Research driven, which includes studying competitors, researching keywords, and more

Additionally, we use key industry tactics that are geared toward increasing your site’s traffic and overall performance, and our staff has extensive expertise in offering companies a custom approach to meet their specific needs.

“Great people who do great work! This team made it very easy to understand the nuance of SEO and its crucial role within our digital strategy. I highly recommend Sixth City if you’re looking for a results-driven and detail-oriented marketing team. There’s no fluff in their method and the data doesn’t lie. You will get a crystal clear sense of your return on investment.” – Patrick Sammon, NEWHOUSE

What Is SEO and Why Do I Need It?

For any business considering partnering with a Buffalo SEO company, it’s important to learn some key aspects about the process and why it’s crucial for success.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of gaining traffic to your website to enhance your online presence. Our SEO approach is centered around your goals, target audience, and target location, all while looking to foster a healthy ROI.

At Sixth City, we are dedicated to creating the best content for your business that will result in growth. Through the services we provide at our Buffalo SEO agency, we will increase sales, improve your brand’s online presence, and help you obtain more qualified leads for your company.

How Do We Measure the Success of SEO Marketing?


Website Optimization

One way we measure success of SEO in Buffalo is through website optimization. We consider your website’s structure and then optimize it in the most effective ways possible to meet the standards for search engines. We use industry-leading tools as part of optimization to evaluate:

  1. Overall website traffic
  2. Visitors who find you through search engines
  3. Inquiries, phone calls, and sales made through your site
  4. Where you stand in search results among competitors for your goods or services


Another way we measure success is through generating backlinks. It’s important to have a strong backlink profile to help increase your domain authority and rank higher than your competitors. Our team has the ability to discover different ways to approach link building and find high-quality sites for you to get linked on.

An additional aspect of link building includes examining the backlink profiles of your competitors, which help provide content opportunities moving forward.

Technical SEO

We also take technical improvements into account. These are all behind-the-scenes factors that can improve your Buffalo agency rankings. We work to make your website’s load time and security the best possible to help search engines trust your site.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is another valuable tactic in helping your business rank higher than your competitors. We research and determine which terms have the best potential to get you the most traffic and leads, and then incorporate them throughout your site.

The content present on your site is also vitally important for search engines, as search engines can evaluate your content’s quality, authority, and more, “grading” your pages to determine their rankings. Having worthwhile keywords on fully optimized pages means more visits and more sales.


Lastly, after bringing potential customers to your site, we need to make sure they have a way to contact your business. Through optimizing for conversion tactics, we draw users to forms, phone numbers, banners, chats, and more so that they will reach out.

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Get to Know Our Expert SEO Team

At Sixth City Marketing, our first priority as a Buffalo-serving SEO company is assessing your needs from start to finish. Our staff members collectively have decades of experience from the very beginnings of digital marketing to present.

A few key points:

  • We provide each client with a specialized plan and a personal account manager who is dedicated to meeting your goals to increase your online presence and generate leads.
  • We provide clients with expert content writers who are able to take your company’s vision and bring it to life.

Having a wide variety of industry work under our belts gives us the power to bring unique ideas and elements to our clients that will improve their online presence in a number of ways.

Our team knows that the most important thing for your business is to generate revenue, and at Sixth City our Buffalo, NY SEO services can help ensure your goals are met.

Buffalo SEO Frequently Asked Questions

When you are researching different SEO agencies serving the Buffalo area, you may have some questions that come to mind. Here are a few common ones with our insights.

  1. Can you track SEO?
    Yes! Using tools such as Google Analytics, keyword tracking software, and our custom-made lead source tracking, we are able to see important data from our campaigns.
  2. Once we get leads, what happens next?
    Our job as an SEO agency is to help bring more leads into your pipeline for you or your sales team to help nurture them into customers. We also will have open communication with you to see if the leads we acquire are qualified so we can make strategic adjustments to our work.
  3. How is SEO different from SEM?
    Compared to search engine marketing, SEO is completely organic, unlike paid marketing methods such as SEM or pay per click.
  4. Is SEO both national and local?
    It can be! Based off of your business type and your targeting, goals, and more, we can offer both local or national-based SEO services.
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The Sixth City Difference

At Sixth City Marketing, our team provides you Buffalo SEO services through quality work that will result in long-term success for your business. We don’t use any cookie-cutter approaches, especially ones that will only increase your rankings for short-term success while harming your long-term success. We’re focused on getting you ongoing business.

We offer a combination of search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, social media marketing, WordPress development, and more that will boost your online presence and increase legitimate leads for your business.

We have worked with a variety of sectors and have carefully created custom approaches to fit specific clients. In doing this, our clients have received the satisfaction of seeing measurable results.

As part of our customized and quality-focused approach, we are able to use cutting-edge tools to evaluate:

  • Overall website traffic
  • Visitors who find you through search engines
  • Inquiries, calls, or sales made through your site
  • Where you stand in search results among competitors
“I’ve worked with Sixth City Marketing on several projects over the past several years and have always found them to be a terrific resource. Not only have they helped my clients realize an exceptional website, but their SEO programs have helped them to be placed high in the rankings of the search engines, both organically and paid. I’d very much recommend Sixth City Marketing when you are ready to take the next step in your web-based marketing program.” – Kim Kershner, Stellar Tech

Learn More About Our Buffalo SEO Firm

At Sixth City, we collectively have 25+ years of experience within our team, and we are dedicated to bringing you the best services possible in reaching your Buffalo SEO goals.

Check out our services page to browse the various ways we can improve your Buffalo SEO. We also offer a variety of blog posts on our website to keep you updated on everything in the digital marketing world.

And be sure to reach out today to receive a free website evaluation from our SEO experts!

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