Running a well-oiled business can be hard when you have a variety of things to juggle, like scheduling appointments, handling sales and marketing, and keeping track of your crew.

But when you outsource your HVAC SEO marketing to a reliable agency, they can help take some of the work off your plate so you can focus on what matters most – maintaining a profitable business.

Hi, we are Sixth City Marketing and we’re here to help.

6 Ways We Show Results with Our SEO Services for HVAC Companies

We know that if you are going to invest in our HVAC SEO company seeing your ROI in our services is vital. Here are some of the ways we track our success and show you results:

Form Submissions

Having web forms on your website is an important aspect of search engine optimization. Once your customers have found you online, they will need an easy way to get in contact. And through Google Analytics and goal tracking, we will be able to see how many form submissions you get throughout your campaign.

Phone Calls

On top of having forms on your website, displaying your phone number on your website and local profiles, such as Google Business Profiles, can help customers who prefer to reach out via phone, or have any emergency questions.

Keyword Positions

When you search for terms related to your services, like “HVAC service near me,” where does your website show up in the results? Everything we do as part of our HVAC SEO efforts will help get you higher up on search engine results pages so you can outrank your competition.

Organic Traffic

Using the data that Google Analytics collects, we will be able to see how much of your monthly website traffic comes from search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others as a direct result of the SEO work that we do.

New Users

While having increases in traffic is vital, another metric that is important is seeing how many new people find your website. Having this information traceable helps weed out traffic from current customers, employees, and any other group independent from new visitors.

Overall Internet Presence

Along with doing work to boost your site’s profile to draw in users and increase conversions, we also spend time improving your social media presence and increasing your appearances on directories and other resources where users may go when searching for your services.

“Sixth City has been incredible to work with. They quickly and articulately communicate what they’re doing and why, they respond to emails promptly, and have consistently shown solid, measurable ROIs. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking digital marketing or SEO based services!” – Seth McDaniels, SERVPRO

HVAC SEO Marketing Strategy Examples

Some of what our agency includes in a typical search engine optimization campaign includes various tactics that you may be familiar with, such as:

On-Page SEO

  • Page optimization
  • Content writing
  • Keyword analysis
  • Keyword targeting

Off-Page SEO

  • Link building
  • Guest posting
  • Brand awareness
  • Social media

Technical SEO

  • Speed enhancements
  • Metadata optimization
  • Structure adjustments
  • Schema implementation

Local SEO

  • Landing page creation
  • Spam submissions
  • Citation management
  • Review building
  • Competitor research
  • Location targeting
  • Local link building

Why Choose Our SEO Company?

At Sixth City Marketing, we pride ourselves on being a small agency that produces big results. Here are some aspects that set us apart:

  • We help both national and local businesses all over the U.S.
  • Our team is all in-house, and we don’t outsource any of our SEO work
  • All of our SEO strategies are completely customized to your needs
  • We have offices in Columbus, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh
  • Results are our #1 focus and we will work with you to show ROI
  • We can help you see exactly where your leads come from
  • Our skills go beyond SEO, as we can help with PPC, paid social media, web design, and more
  • We have 25+ collective years of experience working with a variety of industries, including those in the home services sector

Why Invest in HVAC SEO Services

Investing in SEO for HVAC services will help put your business in the best position to be successful for years to come. Homeowners are always looking for HVAC companies to help improve their homes year round, and with the help of SEO marketing, our team can get your business noticed by a local audience.

FAQs for Search Engine Optimization Services

How long does SEO take?

There is no exact timeline on how soon SEO can show results, but we typically start to see keyword movement from new content within 3 months. Various local SEO tactics, however, such as removing spammy competitors from Google Maps, can have quicker effects. What’s important to remember is that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, as what we do can help your site for years to come.

Can you see ROI with SEO?

Through the special coding we implement on web forms, we are able to see where your leads are coming from. This helps us to work with your sales team and pinpoint what leads from SEO have closed, giving you an exact ROI number from our work.

What types of website platforms can you manage?

While we pride ourselves on being WordPress experts, we have also worked with clients whose websites were built on Squarespace, Wix, and other platforms!

Can you manage my social media too?

We include social media management and marketing as part of our SEO work and would be happy to help grow your following and write and schedule out posts to keep your pages up to date.

“I’ve worked with Sixth City Marketing on several projects over the past several years and have always found them to be a terrific resource. Not only have they helped my clients realize an exceptional website, but their SEO programs have helped them to be placed high in the rankings of the search engines, both organically and paid. I’d very much recommend Sixth City Marketing when you are ready to take the next step in your web-based marketing program.”
– Kim Kershner, Stellar Technology

Grade Your Site’s Current SEO

Ask yourself the following questions to get a better idea of where your HVAC SEO efforts currently stand.

  1. Is your site secure (HTTPS)?
  2. Do you have a sitemap?
  3. Do you have a Google Business Profile?
  4. If so, do you have a high review count and rating?
  5. Is your business listed on sites like AngiesList or Yelp?
  6. Are you using Google Analytics?
  7. Do you have more than 250 words on your pages?
  8. Do you have pages for all your services that include keywords?
  9. Do you have a blog that you update regularly?
  10. Does your website load completely under 10 seconds?
  11. Do all your pages have unique page titles and descriptions (metadata)?
  12. Is there a clear and easy way for users to contact you on your site?

If most of the answers to these questions were no, then your website is a perfect candidate to see great results from our SEO for HVAC companies!

We Offer More Than HVAC SEO Services, Too

As briefly mentioned above, not only does our talented digital marketing team offer HVAC SEO services, but many other internet marketing services as well!

Some other services we offer include:

  • Pay-per click – Our PPC campaigns are ran on platforms such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We work with you to find your target audience and make sure your ads are seen by qualified customers.
  • Website design and development – Our team is able to build websites that help get your conversation rate, site speed, and other SEO elements improve. We create unique and custom design websites based on your business’s branding and goals.
  • Social media marketing – We will develop a social media strategy that fits best for your business and then able to determine which social media platforms would help grow your business. The various social media platforms to consider are Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • CRM management – Our team is happy to help you with your customer relations management systems such as HubSpot, PipeDrive, and more.
  • Email marketing – We write, design, edit, send, and schedule emails with the intention of reaching potential customers. During the duration of our campaign, we will also monitor which emails are driving success. All while examining open percentages, click-through rates, and more.

SEO Success Story

At Sixth City Marketing, we’ve worked with many companies over our 10+ years in business to show proven results. One of our case studies include:

M/I Homes

M/I Homes is a home building company based in Columbus, Ohio. The team at M/I Homes had recently redesigned their website and wanted to generate new leads. Our team stepped in and created a campaign to increase organic traffic and online leads for the company.

We conducted this by focusing on keyword research, content creation, Google Business Profile optimization, and Google Search Console review.

The campaign resulted in:

  • 48% Increase in overall website traffic
  • 12% Traffic increase from organic
  • 58% Increase in new website visits

Invest in SEO for HVAC Today

If you want to learn more about how our HVAC SEO company can work with you to help ramp up your digital marketing, we’d be happy to talk. Reach out today!

Reach out today to schedule your free strategy session, which includes a look into different aspects of your current marketing efforts, your keyword rankings, and more.

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